A14 – Premiere at Paris Surf & Skate Film Festival

Our short movie will be premiered at the opening of Paris Surf & Skate Film Festival on Thursday Sept 21 2023.
Get your ticket and find us there!
You can buy your ticket here : www.cinemalentrepot.fr/reserver/F589102/D1695322800/VOST

The A14 is the fastest freeway to leave Paris and head for the ocean. It’s also one of the most expensive in France. 21km to the beach, cold water and waves. 

The idea was to create a film around the Barbès Surf Club project and to make a surfing film without surfing, describing the life of a surfer when you’re stuck over 200 km from the ocean. 

We wanted to pretentiously create something new that wouldn’t be like all those standardized surf films where you see a succession of air reverse on perfect waves. 

We’re happy with this project to show our daily life here in Paris and to continue being the most hated surfers in France.