Our good friends Félix Lesouef and Paul-Alexis Leveugle spent some time in Morocco this winter and made a little edit out of that.
Watching it, I’m mad at myself for not joining on this trip. And so should you. I swore to myself I wouldn’t go back because I couldn’t stand surfing with so many Germans who don’t respect priorities, but fuck it … Next year I’ll go.

CHEBAKIA – « A story about two goofy-foot surfers, Paul-Alexis with his 7’6 mid-pin & egg shaped under his brand Mimosa Surfboards, and Felix with his 5’5 Flathead fish shaped by Trevor Gordon. Lost in the Moroccan right-hand paradise, they are on the hunt for some left-hand and Chebakia pastries. »

Starring and Editing : Felix Lesouef (  / felixlesouef  )
Paul-Alexis Leveugle (  / mimosa.surfboards  )

Additional Footage : Romane Martin (  / sunnyromie  )

Music : Electric Jalaba – Fulan
Arc De Soleil – The Thief In Marrakech
Daniel Ögren – Annalena