Cinema Monday

Because we know you had a tough first day back at the office after this hot weekend full of drinking and barbecues, here are some treats to relax and wait for your vacation next month.

Vissla‘s latest video is a combination of cold water surfing and translucide tropical ambiance featuring Eric Geiselman, Cam Richards, Bryce Young, Derrick Disney, Andrew Jacobson, Gunner Day, Jay Nelson and Sam Neiger.
Film by Brian Elliott.


For those of you who think you cannot have fun in under head high waves, you should have a look at Mollusk‘s latest short The Yard.
Shot by Jack Coleman, featuring Andy Niblas and Levi Prairie.


There are some people you never see enough. Dane Reynolds is, for sure, one of them. I couldn’t find a way to embed the video but you should definitely head to Former website and watch him and Craig Anderson in their latest edit Copacetic.

Click on the cap picture and you’ll be on your way there.