INSIDE OUT – Joaquim Bayle

Joaquim Bayle and I go way back. We grew up in the same small town in the north of France, and started skateboarding about the same time. We were lucky to have an indoor skatepark because it rains a lot in this region. Somehow we weren’t really interested in skating ramps or parks in general, and the idiot who built it chose a soft floor anyway so it was like skating on a kids playground. That’s not really what you’re looking for in a skatepark.
We really loved skating in the streets, going all the time to the same few spots we had. La place de la gare, l’Atria, the famous 7 marches and the curbs around it. We played S.K.A.T.E and O.U.T games when we couldn’t land anything else than pop shove it so we weren’t able to finish our games ever.Since all of that I stopped skating. I have a cruiser and stroll through the streets of Paris on occasions. A surf-skate to have fun in Brittany when it’s flat. It doesn’t go any further than that.

I started photography at that time. I wasn’t as good as my friends so I was taking photos or filming them. It taught me a lot and inspires me to this day. I guess I wasn’t the only one with a desire to create images. Joaquim is now a director and photographer. I have been following his work on social media and it’s always pleasant to see.
Lately I found out about his skate film with Carhartt WIP called INSIDE OUT. It will be out early February for everyone to see, but they’re premiering it next to your place. You should go!

14.01 Paris @Max Linder  
17.01 Madrid @Cine Doré
18.01 Brussels @Palace
20.01 London @Rio Cinema 
20.01 Copenhagen @Grand Teatre
26.01 New York @Metrograph
26.01 Berlin @Yorck Kino / Passage
26.01 Los Angeles @Fine Arts Theater
27.01 Milan @Beltrade
31.01 Stockholm @Sodra Teatern

Congrats Jo! 15 or 20 years ago we were discussing Zoo York, Blueprint, Habitat’s videos on VHS. My copy of Yeah RIght! doesn’t even work anymore. The next generation will talk about your work and won’t even know VHS existed.

Here is the trailer.